After Prom Party Planning Guide for parents, educators and PTOs & PTAs. How to stage a FUN, substance-free after-prom event.
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After Prom
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Although many parents have said, "Next year we're going to start planning earlier…," few individuals or school committees begin planning their After Prom party at the beginning of the school year. Most of us are too busy earning a living and raising our family to be that well prepared. If you are like I was when I decided to investigate the possibility of an After Prom party, our prom was less than two months away.

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About the author

Author, wife and mother to the lovely senior below

Like most moms, Lori has always been close to her daughter, and when she was asked to the senior prom, the subject of after-prom parties came up and Lori wasn't pleased with the idea that nothing was being done. 

Lori was aware of how After Prom parties these days were more than just a rite-of-passage celebration.  Living near a metropolitan area as big as Dallas/Fort Worth, there were always news stories about "party incidents" and too many After Prom deaths resulting from alcohol, drugs or just teens out of control and unsupervised.

Senior photo of Lori's daughter in her prom dressShe contacted her daughter's high school and learned that there were no plans to offer an After Prom party, and that the school would probably not want to be involved with such an event.  Upon learning this, Lori took it upon herself to organize other like-minded parents and began laying the groundwork for an After Prom party for the senior class.  It was a phenomenal success.  Thus, the foundation for this handbook was created.

Lori makes her home in northwest Montana with her husband Tom, her daughter (the inspiration for this work), three cats and her 100+ lb. Great Pyrenees "puppy", Lilly Belle. Lori holds a marketing degree from a prominent private university in Texas. She was involved in one of the first ISPs in the country and that experience motivated her to co-author her first book with her husband, which was published by Macmillan entitled, "The Complete Small Business Internet Guide".


* See Lori's article, "Why plan an after prom party".

An inspired approach for your party plan!

After Prom Party Planning Guide
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substance-free, FUN After Prom event!

Lori's "been there - and done that", and surpassed everyone's expectations - especially the kids! Lori's results were so successful, that parents begged her to outline her action plan so they could use it for future After Prom events. Now, her plan is available to every parent in the country and she has made it amazingly affordable.

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