After Prom Party Planning Guide for parents, educators and PTOs & PTAs. How to stage a FUN, substance-free after-prom event.
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After Prom
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"Wow! You've covered it all in the 'After Prom Party Guide'. What a wonderful tool for parents and schools to be offered. It gives you that 'let's do it' attitude. My daughter is 17 and in her final year of high school. I can't thank you enough for providing this blueprint for a memorable, and, substance-incident-free Prom Night. Thank you!"
~ J.L. Ontario

I 'lived a thousand deaths' on prom night. I can only say that the information you have so thoughtfully presented is not only potentially life-saving in scope, but long overdue. A must-have manual for any parent of a prom-bound teenager. Super job Lori!"
~ R.B.

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Not my kid!

bullet Half of all high school seniors (50%) report drinking in the past 30 days. bullet One in three high school seniors report being drunk in the past 30 days. bullet Three in ten (30%) of high school seniors report "binge drinking" in the past two weeks.

Source: Century Council


What this book is all about

This book is about helping you save time, money and frustration Mostly - this book is about saving lives. The purpose of this book is to serve as a detailed "Fast Start" guide for parents and PTOs to stage a substance free After Prom party that is FUN.  The guide covers every conceivable facet of planning, organizing, promoting and producing your event. 

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What this book is NOT

This is NOT the end all to party planning. There are many online resources and companies that specialize in event and party planning.  This is for parents and organizations that cannot afford to hire an event planner. Did you know that some schools spend more than $100,000 on an event planner?  This book is not for those schools!

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Can this be used to plan other events?

YES!  Graduations, birthdays, virtually any occasion where you want to host an event for older teens.  Obviously, the school and the community will not be involved in a birthday party, but the planning tips, resources and party ideas can be used to help you stage almost any event.

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Why is the author qualified to give such advice?

Because she's done it!  Lori learned this the hard way.  She poured months of her life into learning this process of what to do - and more importantly - what NOT to do.  Her experience was gained by doing; there's no theoretical abstracts in this book, just hard-hitting facts, instructions and strategies geared to save you time.

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Do you offer any guarantee?

Just one idea could save you thousands, but if you decide this information isn't worth much more than $24.97, you have 8 weeks to receive a full refund. You have nothing to lose - except time - and possibly forgetting one tiny item that means the difference between a party - and a GREAT PARTYBuy it now, click here.

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Is this information available anywhere else?

As a society, we are literally drowning in "information", and some of the information in our book is most likely available. . . someplace.  However, there is a huge difference between raw "information" and "knowledge and experience".  Feel free to search the Internet, your library or even the Library of Congress, but I can guarantee that in the years of research it took to bring all this information together, I have seen no single source that comes close. 

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Why do I need a book just to throw a party?

Your After Prom party is a major event, not a neighborhood get-together. Arranging a party - and staging an event - where ethical, legal, financial, publicity, security and liability issues are significant demands forethought and planning that most people have never considered.

Most of us get wrapped up in the food and entertainment aspects of a party.  With an event such as this, those are secondary concerns.  That is why we have taken the time to develop effective guidelines and procedures and include everything from sample solicitation letters (that you can download and customize), party theme ideas, instructions on what to do, how to do it, where to go for help and how to finance and insure your event.

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Can I make copies of this eBook?

Yes - with one exception. We extend a license to you to print, copy and distribute this eBook to members of your committee or organization ONLY.

Our usage license prohibits distribution of this eBook either via email or hard copy to others outside of your immediate organization. Distribution beyond the scope of this user/buyer license infringes upon Federal copyright law and violations will be prosecuted. We reserve the right to identify documents via embedded code, cookies and/or other legal tracking mechanisms.

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Bonus Resources

The book in conjunction with this website offers a profusion of money-saving ideas and resources.  As an example, you can order party supplies and decorations from the world's largest party superstore online.  In most cases, you'll get free shipping and lower prices than you will see in local party stores.  We list these resources - and many more here.

In addition, we include free downloadable documents and spreadsheets for every letter and list we reference in the book. These files can be customized with your specific information - a huge time saver!

Don't put it off a moment longer, get the book and begin organizing your after-prom party today!

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