After Prom Party Planning Guide for parents, educators and PTOs & PTAs. How to stage a FUN, substance-free after-prom event.
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After Prom
Party Planning Guide

Some schools pay as much as $100,000 to hire a party planner and stage an After Prom party.  If your Zip code isn't 90210, we have a better alternative.

Learn tips - Precise actions Creative ideas and more...

This mom's "been there - done that" and made it happen surpassing everyone's expectations - especially the kids! Lori's results were so successful, that parents begged her to outline her action plan so they could use it for future After Prom events. Now, Lori wants to make this available to every parent in the country and she has made it amazingly affordable.

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What they're saying...

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The testimonials we have received from parents, educators and community leaders are listed below.  A few are awaiting legal releases and they will be posted on this page when available.


Washington State PTA Executive

As a former executive director with the Washington State PTA, I wish this book had been available when I was working closely with PTAs and schools. This is an excellent resource and an outstanding planning guide for parents who want to plan an effective and fun post-graduation party a party that the students will want to attend and a party at which they will be safe. I highly recommend it and encourage every parent group to get this book.

~ Jim Carpenter
Executive Director
Washington State PTA

Mom in Pennsylvania

The book was extremely helpful. The part I liked best was the sample letters and checklists. There were a lot of good pointers that we would never have thought of either. I felt the book was very complete at covering all the areas of "what could go wrong" and how to prevent it. Luckily for us we had no problems but we were prepared!

I also really liked how easily the book read and how it was divided up. I printed it and then gave each of my committee heads the chapter that applied to them. They also found that very helpful, especially since none of us had ever done an After Prom party before. Whenever an issue came up we looked in the book and most times there was some piece of advice to help us.

Thanks so much for a wonderful book. I will recommend it to anyone I know starting an After Prom. Sincerely...

~ M.R. from Pennsylvania
Prom Party Planning Committee

Teacher, Coach, Author

"It has been my privilege, over a thirty-year career, to work with kids as a teacher, coach, and parent and I must say that one of the most recurring problems during that time has been the Prom Night Parties! I have seen, first hand, some of the terrible things that can happen on prom night. Not until this book have I ever seen a plan for preventing the terrible things form happening, while at the same time preserving the excitement, wonderful traditions, and lasting memories of that great event in every kid's life. This book is a must read for every parent with a child of an age to attend a prom dance! The suggestions in this book will make the Prom Night more fun for kids while preventing the common problems associated with that event!."

~ Mac Bledsoe
Teacher, Coach, and Parent
Author of Parenting with Dignity

School Principal

"In more than 20 years as an educator, this is undoubtedly the most thought provoking, idea filled, realistic planning tool I have yet to discover. I would recommend this to every parent who has a child in high school and will be faced with sending them off to the prom."

~ S.H.
McKeesport, PA

Texas Police Officer

"Being a police officer in a major metropolitan city, I have witnessed the results of kids being unruly on prom night and getting into serious trouble.  This prom party guide offers parents and schools the best possible way of protecting kids on prom night.  I enthusiastically recommend that every high school in the country get it and use it to save lives and protect their students."

~ Stan R.
Plano, TX

Mom of 17 yr. old

"Wow! You've covered it all in the 'After Prom Party Guide'. What a wonderful tool for parents and schools to be offered. It gives you that 'let's do it' attitude. My daughter is 17 and in her final year of high school. I can't thank you enough for providing this blueprint for a memorable, and, substance-incident-free Prom Night. Thank you!"

~ Jennifer Love (really)
Brantford, Ontario

Father of two daughters

"As a single parent of two daughters (who are well past prom age now) I 'lived a thousand deaths' on prom night. I can only say that the information you have so thoughtfully presented is not only potentially life-saving in scope, but long overdue. A must-have manual for any parent of a prom-bound teenager. Super job Lori!"

~ Rick Beneteau

Attendee from High School prom party

"I attended Lori's very first after prom party as a high school senior, and it was quite a celebration! It was one of the most memorable events of my entire high school experience. Currently, I am finishing my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and have a great job with a county sheriff's office. This book leaves no doubt on how to put together an exciting, responsible event that is safe for all teenagers across this country."

~ Travis B.
Denton, TX

Buy the After Prom Party Planning Guide - Immediate download!

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