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Its a tragedy...

Bad things can happen to good kids because of poor choices - or inadequate planning from adults

The headlines and stories below are actual events.  Unfortunately, they are repeated across the nation in big cities and small towns every year during prom season. With good planning and a commitment to our kids and the community these kinds of stories can be a thing of the past. That is your choice!
(Note that some news sites remove stories after some time)

Headlines from 2007's prom season...

"Several of the underage people had made statements that the alcoholic beverages was (sic) provided by the home owners," the warrants stated.

Two high school seniors and the mother of a girl who threw an after-prom party have been charged as part of the investigation in the death of an 18-year-old student at the party.

2 Students, Adult Charged In After-Prom Party Where 1 Died

When 'little prom party blew up'

Once prom ended, the partying began

Court orders Newtown couple to pay fine - Duo arrested after May party with 150 youths

Teen indicted on drunk driving

The police investigation of the incident revealed that alcoholic beverages had been consumed by the underage students at a residence hosted by the parents of one of the senior prom celebrants.

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Three Charged in After Prom Party Death

Two high school seniors and the mother of a girl who threw an after-prom party have been charged as part of the investigation in the death of an 18-year-old student at the party...

~ Rest of the story

Woman sentenced in teenage-drinking case

A Reno woman was sentenced Thursday for contributing to the delinquency of minors after she served them alcohol during an after-prom party held last May in her home....

~ Rest of the story

After-prom party gets out of hand

(May 28, 2007) Guests facing assault, drug charges

An after-prom party gone awry in Petrolia ended with scores of uninvited guests, a stolen car parked out front and several people facing assault and drug charges.

“Most people are not trained in dealing with parties of this nature, and I don’t think they expected it to become as big as it became.”

Reurink said police do not know how many adult supervisors were present or whether alcohol was being served on the property.

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Sexual assault alleged at party

Police are investigating allegations that a girl who attended an after-prom party earlier this month was sexually assaulted. Other activities... allegedly drinking and/or smoking at an after-prom party, which was held at a student's home.

~ Rest of the story

Teen driver charged in after prom crash death

A Stuart teen allegedly behind the wheel of an off-road vehicle that tipped over and killed a classmate during an after-prom party in 2005 was charged Thursday with manslaughter by culpable negligence.... was charged with underage possession of alcohol, was arrested on the felony manslaughter charge and taken to...

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Alcohol, no adult chaperones - police end prom party

The scene ... during a recent morning was almost typical, except that the 45 teenagers lounging by the pool, playing basketball or hanging out had just spent the night in a four-bedroom house, fully stocked with alcohol and not a single chaperone in sight, officials said. It ended with phone calls to parents and a court date for the property owner and a student. The June 11 incident is just one example of how the prom, once a simple rite of passage, lately resembles an outrageous, decadent, extravaganza, say Long Island school officials..

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You can keep this from happening!

Organize an After Prom party for your kid's school. This can help....


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